This is a case study. A case study that asks what the gallery is, what it was and where it is going. There seems to be an understood definition of what the gallery currently is, which informs what the gallery isn't, but it also informs what it could be. It is understood what opportunities digital devices hold and their potential is just being realized. While digital opportunities are being explored within the gallery world there are some large opportunities that are not being realized. galərē is the idea that the digital world can intertwine with art.

Building relationships is the primary objective of galərē. Relationships between viewers and the space, art and the viewers, viewers and other viewers, artists and the viewers, the gallery with artists, galleries with galleries, Europe with the Unites States; onward and upward. The idea is to create synergy within the world of art; to reunite and excite all individuals with art and artists through the means of digital devices.

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